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29 September 2022 LAST 24


The Aerial Recovery Special Operations Advanced Reconnaissance (SOAR) Team, Aerial Tier 2 and Tier 3 Volunteers, and partners from the Cajun Navy working in cooperation to provide immediate disaster response operations in the greater FT Meyers, FL area due to the substantial wind and flood damage caused by Hurricane Ian. Both teams traveled into the outer bands of Hurricane Ian to be postured to act as soon as possible following the storm. The Aerial Team moved quickly to conduct search and rescue and began extracting and evacuating local residents within 30min of arrival at FT Meyers. Aerial Recovery and Cajun Navy personnel conducted water rescues, treated individuals for hypothermia, shock, and other physical trauma, evacuated priority patients to the first hospital to open in the area, and safely transferred residents to a...

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hurricane ida Aug 30, 2021

Aerial Recovery Group will be boots on the ground in Southern Louisiana tomorrow, Tuesday, August 31 for a recon mission and to provide emergency aid. The team will work alongside Global Empowerment Mission to distribute supplies.

Nashville, August 30, 2021 — Aerial Recovery Group, a global emergency management firm, will be headed down to Southern Louisiana for a recon mission and to aid in relief efforts following the devastation from Hurricane Ida that made landfall on Sunday, August 29.  The team includes Aerial Recovery Group Chief Executive Officer, Britnie Turner, former military personnel, medical team and a media team that will be capturing footage of the damage and first-hand interviews with locals who experience the storm and its aftermath. The team will also work alongside Global Empowerment Mission as they deliver containers of aid including critical necessities such as...

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Honduras After the Storm: Why Your Donations Matter

During our first mission, Honduras was massively flooded from the hurricanes. It rained nearly everyday after the second hurricane and all through our mission, leaving entire villages under water. Now, the flood waters have receded so the true damage can be seen. Homes are all but destroyed, entire villages have been washed away, and thousands of people are displaced, some living on the side of the roads with nowhere to go. 

One critical thing to understand about Honduras is that it was an impoverished third world country before the storms. These hurricanes devastated an already devastated nation. And while the airports have reopened and the industries have started back up, it's not enough yet to make true progress. 

People are still in need of clothing, clean water and food. The local charities have been working overtime to fill the needs in their communities, but as quickly as aid comes in, it's gone within a day or two, and doesn't come close to reaching everybody who...

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Hurricane Season: Caring for Your Mental Health

Caring for your mental health after a hurricane is often an overlooked subject, but it’s critical to address as the effects are proven to be severe and long-lasting when not acknowledged. 10 years after Katrina, residents are interviewed there saying they still struggle with depression. (Source: Katrinas Emotional Legacy). 


Just as we have the opportunity to come back stronger and rebuild our homes and cities better than before, there is also an opportunity to strengthen our mental health better than prior to the crisis. In a disaster, we can respond in one of two ways. We can grow our own resilience by adapting and overcoming the pressure, or give into stress by feeling inadequate and focusing only on what we cannot control. 


After Hurricane Sandy, more than 20 percent of residents reported PTSD, 33 percent reported depression and 46 percent reported anxiety. After Hurricane Harvey, 800,000 people continued to suffer from anxiety and depression long...

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Hurricane Season: Protect and Prepare Your Business

As a hurricane approaches, in addition to protecting the core foundations of your business (staff safety, product continuity, disrupted supply chains, etc.), as a business owner, you should prepare for potential loss of revenue and physical damage to your operations. Here are a few ways you can prepare your business for a faster recovery after a hurricane strike.

1. Check On Your Insurance Policy

There are several types of insurance policies that can support a business. Unfortunately, there is no specific “hurricane” policy. There are, however, business interruption policies, flood insurance, and windstorm insurance. Look carefully over your plan. Some insurance policies have exclusions related to hurricanes. You need to know what will be covered so you can plan. 

2. Protect Your Physical Location

There are ways to minimize the damage by being proactive in preparedness. The five steps from our article on how to Protect Your Home can also be...

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Hurricane Season: Protecting Your Home

In our previous blog, Sheltering in Place, we covered how to prepare quickly to shelter in place during a hurricane. This article will give you five steps to take to prepare your home in advance to minimize damage


Step 1: Seal and Protect All Doors and Windows

Sealing and protecting all doors and windows is one of the most critical steps to take before a hurricane arrives. You will want to inspect each window and check for air leaks. One way to do this is by using a candle - check out more tips in this article, How to Seal Windows (DIY Network).  Also, be sure to close and lock all openings before boarding and reinforcing. This is a simple step but is often overlooked during last-minute preparations. To protect your windows, you can use plywood, hurricane film, high impact glass, or shutters. Check out how to do this yourself in this clip from ABC Action News ahead of 2017’s Hurricane Irma.

A simple and...

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Hurricane Season: Inventory and Insurance Preparation

Today is the best day to get your home hurricane ready and ensure you have all the insurance you need to keep your home safe. This article will provide you with the resources to ensure you get the best insurance policies to protect against hurricane damage.


Step 1: Find your current insurance policy. You should already have it copied and saved somewhere (either in the cloud or in your go-bag). 


Step 2: Review carefully what your current policy covers

Is it up to date? Is it set up properly - does it have any errors (the policy owner’s name, the address?) How much does it cost compared to policies in your area? You can compare your current policy’s cost to the average in your area by using tools like this one.  


Step 3: Check your state’s rules.

Every state is different, but most states will require that you have wind damage and flood insurance policies to be covered in the event of a hurricane. 



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Hurricane Season: Volunteer Go Bags and Preparing for a Hurricane

At Aerial Recovery Group, we exist to save lives and accelerate recovery from disasters. We combine our impeccable understanding of community revitalization, our highly-trained military execution, and our incredible volunteer corps to serve cities, regions, and countries in their hours of need. 

To deliver on this promise, we know that we, and your volunteer corps, must always be prepared. Preparation is what maximizes our efficient and effective response - being able to pick up and deploy to an area within 24 hours or less

To be an Aerial volunteer, you must go through our volunteer Basic Training program. This course is 3 hours of military-level training, covering topics such as developing a resilient mindset, first aid, problem-solving, and more. It will not only equip you for the situation at hand but will also elevate your resiliency and effectiveness, no matter the crisis. If you are interested in joining Aerial Volunteer Corps, fill out the form on our website ...

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Hurricane Laura: The Impact of the American Spirit

Aerial Recovery Group’s reconnaissance team successfully completed its five day mission to South Louisiana.  They were there to provide ground truth (an accurate information report from boots on the ground personnel), emergency construction and liaise with key locals as well as multiple NGOs to assist with the recovery efforts in the area. Check out our vlog for exclusive footage of the recovery in this community.

“Absolutely incredible to see what can be accomplished in just a few days with pure hearts and focused effort.” Britnie Turner

Measuring the Impact of Laura 

The Aerial team worked in Cameron finishing up roofs and moving appliances out of damaged homes. Families are literally taking anything salvageable, such as washers and dryers, to a location where they can utilize it for basic needs. Many are displaced and will be staying with family or friends for the foreseeable future.

We were successful in our force multiplying efforts by working with...

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Last-Minute Sheltering In Place For Hurricanes

Following 2020’s trend, this year’s hurricane season has already broken records as the “first year since storm record-keeping began in 1851 in which nine named tropical storms have formed before August and thirteen before September. That includes the four hurricanes that have formed so far this year.” (Source)

Given the activity of this season, there is no better time than NOW to get prepared. At Aerial Recovery Group, we know there is genuine peace in preparedness for any hazardous situation. Assembling your emergency bags and being armed with the knowledge for protecting your home are two steps that anyone can take to prepare for adverse conditions.

However, there is not always time to prepare in advance. In this blog, we’ll go over what to do if you have to prepare for last-minute sheltering in place.

Sheltering in Place: Essentials  

  1. Situate yourself in the most internal and covered portion of the home or building structure. Remember, in...
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