Honduras After the Storm: Why Your Donations Matter

During our first mission, Honduras was massively flooded from the hurricanes. It rained nearly everyday after the second hurricane and all through our mission, leaving entire villages under water. Now, the flood waters have receded so the true damage can be seen. Homes are all but destroyed, entire villages have been washed away, and thousands of people are displaced, some living on the side of the roads with nowhere to go. 

One critical thing to understand about Honduras is that it was an impoverished third world country before the storms. These hurricanes devastated an already devastated nation. And while the airports have reopened and the industries have started back up, it's not enough yet to make true progress. 

People are still in need of clothing, clean water and food. The local charities have been working overtime to fill the needs in their communities, but as quickly as aid comes in, it's gone within a day or two, and doesn't come close to reaching everybody who needs it. Beyond food, locals need basic necessities like clothes, shoes, blankets, pillows, sheets, common household items and nonperishables. Our Volunteer Corps has seen first hand how delivering aid restores hope in these communities, and why donations are so critical in helping Honduras rebuild. 

We were honored to return to the community of La Proteccion. During our first mission, the team traveled 3 hours by boat to deliver aid to people who had been cut off from help by the flood waters for over a month with little to no food or supplies. Reuniting with the people in this community was a highlight of the trip. This time, Aerial’s Volunteer Corps distributed 3200 lbs of rice in addition to face masks and other basic necessities to the locals. But the true gift we were able to give them was the reminder that they are not forgotten, and that we will continue to help their community and their country rebuild.  

To get daily updates during our mission in Honduras, make sure to visit Instagram and Facebook at @aerialrecoverygroup. And make sure to watch our Honduras After the Storm 6-part web series on our YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/AerialRecoveryGroup

Want to join the recovery? Donate to the emergency aid & relief efforts through our 501(c)3 nonprofit Aerial Global Community visit www.aerialglobalcommunity.org/honduras.

100% of the funds donated go directly to the needs of the people affected. The Aerial Volunteer Corps hand delivers emergency aid to areas badly affected. If you feel led to donate, know 100% of your funds will be used to help people that have lost EVERYTHING.

Your support means everything to the people of Honduras. Donate, follow, share and repost to help spread the word and help the people of Honduras recover and rebuild stronger than before. #HondurasStronger 


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