Hurricane Laura: The Impact of the American Spirit

Aerial Recovery Group’s reconnaissance team successfully completed its five day mission to South Louisiana.  They were there to provide ground truth (an accurate information report from boots on the ground personnel), emergency construction and liaise with key locals as well as multiple NGOs to assist with the recovery efforts in the area. Check out our vlog for exclusive footage of the recovery in this community.

“Absolutely incredible to see what can be accomplished in just a few days with pure hearts and focused effort.” Britnie Turner

Measuring the Impact of Laura 

The Aerial team worked in Cameron finishing up roofs and moving appliances out of damaged homes. Families are literally taking anything salvageable, such as washers and dryers, to a location where they can utilize it for basic needs. Many are displaced and will be staying with family or friends for the foreseeable future.

We were successful in our force multiplying efforts by working with amazing groups such as the Cajun Navy today, finishing up many projects in the community. Rescue and relief is the Cajun Navy’s way of sharing their South Louisiana cultural tradition (of neighbors helping neighbors) with people in need across the United States.

“Their hearts are as big as their accents. They embody true American spirit and show up when needed most.”- Jeremy Locke

Hurricane Laura made landfall on August 27, 2020, causing an estimated $8.7 billion dollars in insured damages and cost 64 people their lives between Louisiana and the Texas Gulf, leaving these communities in serious devastation. 

“So many of the survivors will spend months to years trying to rebuild their lives. It has been our honor to serve this truly amazing community in any way possible. Every smile and tear of gratitude was so rewarding and humbling to witness.” Shane Feirge

“We can't wait to come back. We've fallen in love with you, Louisiana. Your people are amazing. Your community is amazing. Thank you so much for letting us continue to be a part of it.” Britnie Turner

There is Still Work to Do

The needs of the survivors will be ongoing for the next several months and even years in some areas. You still have an opportunity to make a huge difference in their lives by lending your hands, your ears, your time, your skills or your resources. Everyone has something to give, even if it's just sharing this post with friends and family.

Learn more about making supply or monetary donations by visiting  

If you are unable to donate supplies or funds, but would like to help support the recovery efforts, you can sign up to volunteer at

With your help, livelihoods will be saved and these communities will be great again even faster.


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