hurricane ida Aug 30, 2021

Aerial Recovery Group will be boots on the ground in Southern Louisiana tomorrow, Tuesday, August 31 for a recon mission and to provide emergency aid. The team will work alongside Global Empowerment Mission to distribute supplies.

Nashville, August 30, 2021 — Aerial Recovery Group, a global emergency management firm, will be headed down to Southern Louisiana for a recon mission and to aid in relief efforts following the devastation from Hurricane Ida that made landfall on Sunday, August 29.  The team includes Aerial Recovery Group Chief Executive Officer, Britnie Turner, former military personnel, medical team and a media team that will be capturing footage of the damage and first-hand interviews with locals who experience the storm and its aftermath. The team will also work alongside Global Empowerment Mission as they deliver containers of aid including critical necessities such as food, hygiene products, clothes and first aid.

“It is so heartbreaking to see the massive devastation that Hurricane Ida has already caused in Southern Louisiana not even 24 hours after the storm," explains Britnie Turner, Founder & CEO of Aerial Recovery Group. "Our team was in St. Charles, Louisiana to aid in the relief and recovery following Hurricane Laura just last year and I vividly remember the stories shared by the locals and the hope that they had for their community to recover. People don't realize that recovering from hurricanes like this isn't a matter of weeks or months, but years, so for this to happen almost exactly 1 year later with Hurricane Ida - it's devastating for these locals so we will be back there to help in all the ways that we can."

During the active 2020 hurricane season, Aerial Recovery Group also deployed three times to Southwest Louisiana and assisted in critical volunteer efforts including:

  • Debris removal and emergency cleanup at community centers to provide faster relief for residents, including the Big Brother Big Sister House of Southwest Louisiana, the  Family & Youth Counseling Center in Lake Charles and the Oasis Women’s Shelter 

  • Assisted in emergency response efforts for more than 30 properties across Lake Charles, North Lake Charles, Cameron and Sulphur so residents could have shelter, including clearing debris, chopping trees, fixing home lots, and tarping roofs 

  • Liaised bringing in non-profit organization Watts of Love to deliver more than 600 solar lights to residents of North Lake Charles and Cameron

  • Worked with Gophr, a local app delivery service, to set up a distribution center in their headquarters in downtown Lake Charles to provide critical supplies to local residents, including hot meals, water, hygiene products, diapers and bathroom supplies as well as to house 100s of volunteers over the following weeks and months 

  • Hand-delivered thousands of pounds of supplies to affected residents gathered from donations from volunteers across the country

For more video coverage of Aerial Recovery Group’s efforts, please visit our YouTube page at 

Visit to help the residents and communities affected by Hurricane Eta & Iota. You can find more information on Aerial Recovery Group, or join the Aerial Volunteer Corps for future relief trips and receive Aerial’s complimentary volunteer training here.


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