Honduras: The Impact of a Healing Community

Aerial Recovery Group wrapped up their first mission to Honduras last week, and our Volunteer Corps came back forever changed. In order to understand the full scope of what Honduras is facing, we wanted you to hear the powerful and impactful stories directly from them. 

Jeremy Locke, Aerial Recovery Group:
“Many people in Honduras live well below the poverty line, and in the aftermath of Eta and Iota, and unfortunately people lost everything due to the massive flooding. Entire villages are underwater and residents were forced to move to higher ground. What most don’t know is that it rained nearly everyday for a month which created even more devastation. Millions of people are displaced. Most of the crops for next season are destroyed. Famine and disease will soon set in and on top of that, COVID 19 is beginning to run out of control, slamming the already overloaded health care facilities. Groups like Aerial Recovery Group and Cepudo Foundation are exhausting all...

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Honduras: The Long Road to Recovery

The Aerial Recovery Volunteer Corps has been in Honduras for the past 9 days and just closed out their first recon mission to the area. It’s been eye-opening to see the extent of the damage on the ground and how many people have been left with nothing. There is a long road ahead for the country, between rebuilding and revitalizing the nation and the economic repercussions that natural disasters bring. The most pressing issue remains providing shelter, fresh water, food and basic necessities for thousands who have been displaced. It's been three weeks since Hurricane Eta first made landfall, and there are still hundreds of people who have not been reached and are still without any aid. 

Over the course of the past week, our team has bravely provided critical relief and emergency aid to hundreds of people throughout San Pedro Sula and the surrounding communities, despite treacherous conditions and massive flooding making these efforts nearly impossible. The team was able...

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Food for the Poor: A Force for Good in Honduras

On November 21, Aerial Recovery Group deployed a team of volunteers to San Pedro Sula for a 9 day mission to help with emergency aid and relief efforts following Honduras’ worst natural disaster in more than 20 years. Hurricanes Eta and Iota hit the area only days after each other, leaving many small towns in need of aid still completely cut off from support due to treacherous water levels. With homes washed away from floods, no electricity due to wind damage and infrastructure severely damaged, thousands of residents are left with little to no basic necessities such as food, clothing, toiletries and fresh water.

In order to provide the critical help that the country of Honduras needs, Aerial Recovery Group has partnered with organizations on the ground to team up and meet the needs of as many people as possible. 

For this volunteer mission, we are proud to be working alongside Food For The Poor. Food for the Poor is a Christian based ministry that has been impacting...

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Hurricane Season: Inventory and Insurance Preparation

Today is the best day to get your home hurricane ready and ensure you have all the insurance you need to keep your home safe. This article will provide you with the resources to ensure you get the best insurance policies to protect against hurricane damage.


Step 1: Find your current insurance policy. You should already have it copied and saved somewhere (either in the cloud or in your go-bag). 


Step 2: Review carefully what your current policy covers

Is it up to date? Is it set up properly - does it have any errors (the policy owner’s name, the address?) How much does it cost compared to policies in your area? You can compare your current policy’s cost to the average in your area by using tools like this one.  


Step 3: Check your state’s rules.

Every state is different, but most states will require that you have wind damage and flood insurance policies to be covered in the event of a hurricane. 



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