Last-Minute Sheltering In Place For Hurricanes

Following 2020’s trend, this year’s hurricane season has already broken records as the “first year since storm record-keeping began in 1851 in which nine named tropical storms have formed before August and thirteen before September. That includes the four hurricanes that have formed so far this year.” (Source)

Given the activity of this season, there is no better time than NOW to get prepared. At Aerial Recovery Group, we know there is genuine peace in preparedness for any hazardous situation. Assembling your emergency bags and being armed with the knowledge for protecting your home are two steps that anyone can take to prepare for adverse conditions.

However, there is not always time to prepare in advance. In this blog, we’ll go over what to do if you have to prepare for last-minute sheltering in place.

Sheltering in Place: Essentials  

  1. Situate yourself in the most internal and covered portion of the home or building structure. Remember, in...
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Hurricane Laura: The Crippling Costs of Rebuilding After Disaster

Today was day two for the Aerial Recovery Corp performing Hurricane Laura relief efforts in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. It was incredibly inspiring to witness the power of community coming together in the midst of this level of crisis. 

One church from Texas delivered an entire truckload of needed supplies to us today. We were able to distribute to these families who suffered a crippling 90% devastation of their homes. Check out our footage here. There are approximately five families living in each remaining tiny little house, many of which may not be able to rebuild quickly due to supplies being more than an hour away. 

We were humbled to be able to deliver several items to help them meet their basic needs but also inspired by the strength of the mindset behind these individuals.

One gentleman who literally rode out the storm on his shrimp boat said, “Don’t ever give up. Don’t stop fighting. Wherever you be, keeping going forward. Don’t worry about...

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Hurricane Laura: What Matters Most and How to Help in the Midst of Devastation

The Aerial Recovery Group safely arrived in Lake Charles, Louisiana on Thursday night. We had a highly effective first day by splitting into two teams, one performing recon and filming the top needs in order to orchestrate effective aid and volunteers for the future. The other team jumped into emergency construction projects to assist the elderly. Watch our video footage of the devastation HERE.

We did a recon trip to Cameron Parish assisting the World Central Kitchen in serving the people in the community meals as well as directing them to additional food and support. Most people do not have web data or cell phone coverage as all the towers are down. 

It is such an eye opening and humbling experience to have the ability to see firsthand the devastation that the news is not reporting. “I’ve been to many devastations, and every single time I walk away humbled, and grateful for the experience of being able to witness the resiliency of the human spirit.” Britnie...

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Aerial Recovery Group Prepares To Deploy For Hurricane Laura Relief

Hurricane Laura barrelled onshore to the United States on the 27th of August 2020, making landfall near Lake Charles, LA. It was one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in Louisiana to date (tied with the Last Island storm) with a wind speed of 150 mph. Laura was the 2020 season’s 12th named storm and first major Atlantic hurricane. This hurricane is the 10th strongest US hurricane to make landfall, leaving 1 million people without power affecting 3 different states. At the time of this writing, the death toll has already reached 16 and hundreds of thousands are without water. 

In response to the devastation, Aerial Recovery Group, including its Volunteer Corps and its team of Green Berets (OD-R), is preparing to deploy to the region no later than September 3, 2020, to assist with the relief efforts. Aerial Recovery Group has begun pre-deployment operations from its Nashville staging area to the Lake Charles area of Louisiana and will be providing supplies,...

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