Honduras: The Impact of a Healing Community

Aerial Recovery Group wrapped up their first mission to Honduras last week, and our Volunteer Corps came back forever changed. In order to understand the full scope of what Honduras is facing, we wanted you to hear the powerful and impactful stories directly from them. 

Jeremy Locke, Aerial Recovery Group:
“Many people in Honduras live well below the poverty line, and in the aftermath of Eta and Iota, and unfortunately people lost everything due to the massive flooding. Entire villages are underwater and residents were forced to move to higher ground. What most don’t know is that it rained nearly everyday for a month which created even more devastation. Millions of people are displaced. Most of the crops for next season are destroyed. Famine and disease will soon set in and on top of that, COVID 19 is beginning to run out of control, slamming the already overloaded health care facilities. Groups like Aerial Recovery Group and Cepudo Foundation are exhausting all means possible to get life-saving medical supplies as well as food and water to thousands of people cut off from traditional supply routes. Donations are still desperately needed to stave off future long lasting effects. These donations to charities such as Aerial Global Community, Food for the Poor, Cepudo and Global Empowerment Mission will make it to those most in need. The people of Honduras are hard working and not just looking for hand-outs. They just need support to get back on their feet to have a real chance at any sort of normal life.”

Shannon Rizzo, Volunteer Corps member:
“This was my first mission with the Aerial Volunteer Corp and it was an incredible life-changing experience. Working among such a wonderful group of highly skilled, caring, professionals with strong faith, each of them with such big hearts, made our small team of 6 volunteers seem like 30. We were able to take time to spread hope with hugs, logistically position ourselves and help organize larger resources with local organizations while bringing smiles and receiving joy from each other and the people we helped. The children were the highlight during the mission. They have been left with nothing, not even a warm safe place to sleep; a few didn’t even know where their mothers were. Yet they still had fun, laughed and wanted to help load supplies into our boats for other villages and generally spend time with us. At the end of the day I realized - WE are truly the ones who were helped during this trip. I left Honduras with greater perspective, more clarity on my purpose in life, and a lot of love in my heart.” 

Kali Turner, Aerial Recovery Group videographer:
“A successful mission brings more than just aid, it brings hope.
We were able to be with people in the midst of their highest suffering, hold them, pray with them, show them that they’re not alone and share their stories with others so that they can continue to receive much needed aid. If I could share one thing from the entire trip with you, it is that you really can make a difference. The journey of recovery is long, this isn’t a two week event. If you want to get involved, please do, and know that however you choose to help will result in a meaningful difference to someone.” 

To follow Aerial Recovery Group’s live recon mission and future missions to Honduras, follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @aerialrecoverygroup or visit our YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/AerialRecoveryGroup

Join the Recovery! To Donate to the emergency aid & relief efforts through the organization's 501(c)3 nonprofit Aerial Global Community visit www.aerialglobalcommunity.org/honduras.

100% of the funds donated go directly to the needs of the people affected. The Aerial Volunteer Corps hand delivers emergency aid to areas badly affected. If you feel led to donate, know 100% of your funds will be used to help people that have lost EVERYTHING.


Your support means everything to the people of Honduras. Donate, follow, share and repost to help spread the word and help the people of Honduras recover and rebuild stronger than before. #HondurasStronger


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