Partner Spotlight: Global Empowerment Mission

While the news cycle may end and focus shifts to other things in the world, life still goes on in the destruction zones for the tens of thousands of people affected by natural disasters. Residents of Honduras have been without proper living shelters and without basic daily supplies like food and fresh water for months. Help shouldn’t stop just because the news cycle has. That’s why we are so thankful for our partners who make Aerial Recovery Group’s mission possible and allow for us to continue to send our Volunteer Corps to help aid Honduras in their time of need. 

Global Empowerment Mission is an organization dedicated to restoring hope and opportunity to those most affected by natural disasters. GEM has been working nonstop since November to gather critical aid and supplies for Honduras. Through our partnership with GEM, Aerial’s Volunteer Corps are able to hand-deliver these supplies on the ground in Honduras. GEM manages collecting all donations,...

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