Aerial Recovery Group Prepares To Deploy For Hurricane Laura Relief

Hurricane Laura barrelled onshore to the United States on the 27th of August 2020, making landfall near Lake Charles, LA. It was one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in Louisiana to date (tied with the Last Island storm) with a wind speed of 150 mph. Laura was the 2020 season’s 12th named storm and first major Atlantic hurricane. This hurricane is the 10th strongest US hurricane to make landfall, leaving 1 million people without power affecting 3 different states. At the time of this writing, the death toll has already reached 16 and hundreds of thousands are without water. 

In response to the devastation, Aerial Recovery Group, including its Volunteer Corps and its team of Green Berets (OD-R), is preparing to deploy to the region no later than September 3, 2020, to assist with the relief efforts. Aerial Recovery Group has begun pre-deployment operations from its Nashville staging area to the Lake Charles area of Louisiana and will be providing supplies, situational awareness, and operational coordinations to those affected by Hurricane Laura. 


The immediate impacts from Hurricane Laura included storm surges, flooding, tornadoes, damages to homes and businesses, downed trees, and streets and buildings with debris. Several thousand residents are without key services like water and electricity. The Aerial Recovery Groups teams will:

  • Deliver key supplies to the affected areas and assist with recovery operations
  • Record media posterity and information sharing with key agencies and communities
  • Identify key projects for donations and support. 
  • Deliver supplies including food, water, fuel, debris clearing kits, tire repair kits, and personnel in support of the efforts. 


Aerial Recovery Group will be updating its progress on Instagram @aerialrecoverygroup


A final note: We are currently tracking two other tropical disturbances in the Atlantic and will be watching them closely for any chance of formation across the next week. If you are interested in volunteering for future deployments, apply here.


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