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sitrep ukraine Mar 04, 2022

Poland-Ukraine - DAILY SITREP 3/04/2022 (LAST 24 HRS)



04 March 2022 LAST 24


Follow-on Aerial Recovery Group (ARG) team members are enroute and the Mission Leader has made it across the border. Contact with the advanced recon team has taken place and brief backs have begun.  The Polish team house was found to be unsuitable for operations and an alternative was identified and secured.  Meetings with Ukrainian authorities have been set for early morning of the 5th of March. Aerial team expects to be fully mission capable within the next 48 hours.  Global Empowerment mission has sent medical supplies, equipment and food which was delivered by ARG to a Lviv church partner.  Additional larger distribution locations need to be scouted and large areas to hold refugees coming west on the Ukrainian side of the border.  Pre-coordination to include flights have been made with the Medical Support team and they should  be on the ground and operational NLT 10 March 2022. ***future reporting will be sectioned by Polish and Ukrainian team operations***  


04 March 2022

Lviv Ukraine:

0800: Began the day with coordinating the procurement of transportation, lodging and additional communications equipment. 

1000: Meeting with Calvary Chapel Church conducted to discuss coordinating efforts in Ukraine.  The possible Ternopil aid distribution site was identified, Team plans recon in the 24 hours of the site. Calvary Chapel assisted with the procurement the Team Vehicle needed for future operations. 

11:00: Local shops and workers were contracted to produce items necessary for future operations. 

1200: Mission leader JL arrives in Warsaw, Poland enroute to Lviv Ukraine.

1205: Team member FT departs Ukraine enroute to meet the partner Global Empowerment Mission to collect aid to be brought back across the border with Mission Leader.

1200-1500: Area recon was conducted to meet Priority Information Requests 1-5 (results below)

  1. Viable locations for refugees identified in S.A.L.U.T.E. format: currently 3 locations identified (180 pax) and placed Team White Board 
  2. Viable food/equipment distribution site identified for G.E.M. aid: Currently 4 locations identified through Greater Grace Church and updated on Team White Board 
  3. Suitable vehicle inspected and procured for operations: Completed
  4. Additional in country partner relationships created: Greater Grace Church, Calvary Chapel, Network of drivers and enablers and update on White Board
  5. Contact with government leadership made to facilitate Aerial activities: Meeting set up for next reporting period

1800: JL arrives Rzeszow, Poland and links up with Global Empowerment Mission at their forward HQ.  

1900: JM secures Ukrainian transportation

2000: JL moves to set up team house in Poland near the border.  Determine Team House will not meet mission requirements and sets up an alternative.

2200: JL links up with FT to collect G.E.M. aid moves to border crossing point

05 Mar 2022

0230: JL successfully crosses the border.  JL notifies JM who moves to meet at distribution site to offload supplies

0400-0445: Supply offload and securing

0630: End of Mission  


Team Aerial will continue to organize with NGO’s to identify safe travel routes to provide aid. Once the Team is established coordinated efforts to approach additional orphans will take place. Efforts to find additional housing on both sides of the border will still be made.  All permissions will be secured for potential follow on operation.     

Next Steps/Action Items

  • Coordinate with Aerial Medical Team
  • Coordinate supply requests
  • Provide answers to any Information requests from partner organizations 
  • Link up with remainder of team 
  • Identify best avenues of infil and exfil  

Current Needs

  • Additional personnel for coordinations on ground
  • Monetary donations
  • Awareness of the desperate situation on the ground      

Weather next 24 hours


Seth Griffith

Director of Disaster Response

Aerial Recovery Group

Email: [email protected]

Jeremy Locke 

Chief Operating Officer

Aerial Recovery Group

Email: [email protected]




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