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sitrep ukraine Mar 01, 2022

Poland-Ukraine Op- DAILY SITREP 2/28-3/01/2022 (LAST 48 HRS)



01 March 2022 LAST 48


Aerial Recovery Group’s follow on team has successfully linked up with advanced reconnaissance team.  Information has been passed off, and current plans are moving forward as expected.  Due to increased requests for support, Aerial will be immediately deploying an additional support team.  Donations will be needed to support operations. 


  • On 28 February, J. Martinez and F. Russell departed Nashville, TN to their destination Rzeszow, Poland. Arrived at Hotel Rzeszow at 1830 after a 4-hour layover in kWarsaw, Poland. Op agenda is to secure transportation and secure safe-houses in LVIV.  Identify a distribution point to provide aid relief to Ukrainian Refugees & Orphans in partnership with Global Empowerment Mission.   
  • An estimated 125 known individuals ranging from orphans to college students need support evacuating into Poland.  A preliminary number of 680K Ukrainian people are moving into Poland along Eastern routes. 
  • Collaborative efforts with GEM, Force for Hope, and PROEM Ministries have been established on location in Poland.  Coordination to assist refugees entering Poland is underway.   
  • Intelligence gathering, outreach to donors, procurement assessments, and baseline communications have been established with multiple fronts to provide supplies and material equipment for PPE of refugees. 
  • Plotted coordinates of possible evacuee locations onto Gaia Map.  (Illustration below) 
  • Humanitarian NGOs are aiming to capitalize on local and national level expertise, capacities, and knowledge to promote a rapid and effective response tailored to the expressed needs of affected people.
  • Supply convoy en route to LVIV, Ukraine, will commence in the next 24 hours with the objective of establishing a hard-safe house with a soft distribution point.  
  • Funding Sources for this mission have been recognized, and aid relief is continually inbound.  Limits of finances for Op have not been designated at the time of this brief. 

CAPTION- Infill points in Poland into Ukraine 


Team Aerial will organize with the local populace and identify safe, effective routes to cross the border into Ukraine.  Then conduct a distribution route to the new hard safe-house in Kviv. 

Next Steps/Action Items

  • Coordinate with Aerial Volunteers for follow on mission
  • Assist with NGOs and coordinate supply requests
  • Provide answers to any Information requests from partner organizations   

Current Needs



Seth Griffith

Director of Disaster Response

Aerial Recovery Group

Email: [email protected]


Jeremy Locke 

Chief Operating Officer

Aerial Recovery Group

Email: [email protected]


Additional Information and Questions can be directed to [email protected]




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