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sitrep ukraine Mar 02, 2022

Poland-Ukraine Op- DAILY SITREP 3/02/2022 (LAST 24 HRS)



02 March 2022 LAST 24



  • 0900 Meeting with GEM leadership about supply chain coming from CONUS and expected arrival dates.  Coordinated tentative delivery points in Lviv, Ukraine. 
  • 0930 March 2, J. M. and F. T. departed hotel to secure supplies to redistribute in Lviv, Ukraine.    
  • At 1100 first vehicle was secured, supplies picked up and departed for border crossing Alpha route drive time was about 2.5 hours.  The last hour was a two lane unmaintained rural route with significant potholes.   
  • Approximately 2 miles from the border local Ukrainian police had traffic stopped and would not allow entry to access crossing.  After a conversation about being NGO they cooperated.  
  • At border crossing alpha lines to cross took about an hour for first checkpoint.  At that stop we were turned around and found another way across.
  • On the Ukrainian side team met with Ukrainian support and secured a vehicle.  Team returned across the border, transferred supplies and began movement to Ukraine.  Border crossing lines took 3.5 hours to manage both directions; a loss of 4.5 hours took place due to this error.
  • Arrival at secure safe house was at 2311. Home has been secured and security assessment will be completed at first light.  Two security checkpoints are in close proximity to the Team House.  House host is knowledgeable about the area and English is fairly well.  
  • Collaborative efforts with GEM, Force for Hope and PROEM Ministries were successful today.  New NGO’s were introduced today and we are contacting and communicating with them for additional support during the duration of the trip.    
  • Intelligence gathering is still being conducted. Continuous social media outreach is underway, and procurement assessments of goods will continue to be underway.Baseline communications have been established, however all comms have limitations and are spotty in certain areas of route.  Updated coordinates of possible evacuee locations onto Gaia Map and route information.  (Illustration below) 
  • Humanitarian NGOs are aiming to capitalize on local and national level expertise, capacities and knowledge to promote a rapid and effective response tailored to the expressed needs of orphans and affected people.
  • Overall, Supply convoy to LVIV, Ukraine was a success, checkpoints in Ukraine were swift and some security were hospitable of US support.  
  • Funding Sources for this mission have been recognized and aid relief is continually inbound.  Limits of finances for Op has not been designated at the time of this brief. 


Team Aerial will organize with other NGO’s to secure distribution point.  Once established aid distribution will take place and supply runs will be coordinated to GEM.  A new vehicle will be secured and efforts to find secure transportation so orphanage evacuations can take place. Then conduct route reconnaissance for routes to orphanages.  Secure safety perimeter and plan evac route from safehouse to border crossing.    

Next Steps/Action Items

  • Coordinate with Aerial Volunteers for follow on mission
  • Assist with NGO’s and coordinate supply requests
  • Provide answers to any Information requests from partner organizations 
  • Finalize PPE list for transportees and coordinate delivery ASAP. 
  • Secure a second vehicle that can cross border with proper documentation  
  • Continue to work on comms plans and platforms until solid communication is established.  

Current Needs

  • Some supply items have been identified, but list continues to grow. An internal Aerial list is being generated, so teams arriving will have all equipment needs met.     

Areas of Interest for next day op.  


First of Supplies being loaded into Vehicle.

Refugees at border crossing alpha.

Refugees at border crossing alpha.

Weather next 24 hours



Seth Griffith

Director of Disaster Response

Aerial Recovery Group

Email: [email protected]

Jeremy Locke 

Chief Operating Officer

Aerial Recovery Group

Email: [email protected]




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