turkey earthquake Feb 12, 2023



[11 FEB 2023 - 12 FEB 2023]


The team continued to focus on the Antakya/Hatay, Turkiye area for a second day as rescue teams scramble to find any remaining survivors before the rescue window closes. Tensions on both the Syrian and Turkish sides continue to rise with increased looting, civil unrest, and mass numbers of internally displaced people (IDP). The Aerial Recovery SOAR Team will prioritize all effort toward search and rescue (SAR) if there is hope of finding even a single remaining survivor.

Last 24 (Key Events): 

The Aerial Recovery SOAR Team assists in clearing debris and stands by for immediate medical care for three survivors still trapped in Antakya, Turkiye. Based on assessments from the previous day, the SOAR Team immediately prioritized search and rescue again in central Antakya. Working with partnered K9 and technical teams, SOAR helped identify and clear rubble working towards three civilians trapped under around 30m of rubble within an elevator shaft. At the time of this report, the team is still working through the night with this specific rescue. At last report, the survivors could be heard “knocking back” to responders' calls. The team will advise as soon as additional information is available.

SOAR Team members and local interpreters huddle and plan prior to a pending response.

The Aerial Recovery SOAR Team and the Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) distribute aid to 200 plus local civilians. With tremendous numbers of displaced persons, many of whom are Syrian refugees, the need for basic humanitarian aid is great. Aerial Recovery will continue to work with GEM to identify and best support this need as able. 

SOAR Team members distribute aid to a displaced, local Syrian refugee family, a demographic that is particularly at risk during this crisis

NEXT 24 (Planned Operations): 

The team will work in Hatay/Antakya tomorrow based on the needs assessed from local contacts. SAR will remain the focus until the rescue window closes. Additionally the team will work to assess humanitarian aid needs and coordinate with our key partner, GEM for potential aid distribution.



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