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[13 FEB 2023 - 14 FEB 2023]


SOAR operations today focused primarily on sign of life assessments in central Hatay. The team worked in cooperation with Gideon Rescue CO K9 and a mobile drone team from BRINC, but, unfortunately, discovered no remaining signs of life. However, the team was able to continue to make valuable assessments of survivor and refugee needs in the area.

Last 24 (Key Events):

Aerial Recovery SOAR Team and a BRINC drone team conduct structure assessments of destabilized, multistory buildings with limited access. Aerial Recovery received the BRINC mobile drone team on ground and immediately directed them to high-rise buildings with limited access. The BRINC team remotely assessed the buildings using advanced, purpose built drone systems. While the team did not find any signs of life today, this partnership will provide value in structural assessments as needed now and potentially in future response operations going forward.

SOAR Team again works with Gideon Rescue CO K9 teams to assess signs of life. Though the team was unable to find any probable signs of life today, SOAR members continued to develop excellent working relationships with the Gideon Rescue CO K9 teams on ground. The Gideon team is highly professional and integrated well with the SOAR team for multiple days of work. At the time of this report, Aerial Recovery is assisting the Gideon team travel to the Gaziantep airport for redeployment. The team looks forward to partnering with Gideon Rescue again soon.

Aerial Recovery SOAR Team partners with Gideon Rescue Co K9 Team


NEXT 24 (Planned Operations): 

The team will conduct a final sign of life assessment on 15FEB23 in Hatay before shifting focus toward joint aid delivery with the Greater Empowerment Mission (GEM) in the more rural areas surrounding Hatay, Turkey. Additionally, the team will conduct resident needs assessments and pass that information to partnering aid organizations. Finally, SOAR will conduct an on-ground assessment of the Bab al-Hawa border crossing into Syria for potential cross-border aid delivery options.


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