turkey turkey earthquake Feb 14, 2023



[12 FEB 2023 - 13 FEB 2023]


The SOAR Team maximized SAR efforts today by employing the SOAR Team’s unique skill set in networking and coordinating responses across multiple on-ground organizations. Aerial Recovery thrives in leveraging partnerships to maximize efficiency and save lives. This capability stood out today as the team conducted urban search and rescue (USAR) and simultaneously coordinated with various international heavy equipment teams, K9 teams, and local security forces.

Last 24 (Key Events): 

Aerial Recovery SOAR Team partners with French USAR teams, US based K9 teams, advanced thermal techs, Turkish locals, and the Turkish Army to work through the night on a potential rescue. Based on thermal readings, the team worked tirelessly with the before mentioned partners to attempt to reach what appeared to be three remaining survivors. The team coordinated for assets and even deescalated rising tension between two responding elements by calling a partnered local army officer. Unfortunately, the responding teams lost the signs of life during the response. Despite this endstate, the SOAR Team remains committed to conducting SAR as long as there is even the smallest chance of a survivor remaining.

Aerial Recovery SOAR team partners with advanced thermal techs to detect signs of life and work with multiple units to conduct tireless search & rescue.


SOAR Team uses basic trauma counseling training to engage grieving local residents throughout operations. Aerial Recovery strives to work in an empathetic way with recognition for the tremendous trauma experienced by local residents. The SOAR Team stopped to speak with multiple residents to gain situational awareness but also to engage the Turkish people during a period of severe emotional pain and processing. In one case, the team spoke with a Syrian refugee family who had lost multiple members and had now been displaced twice. Additionally, when a local interpreter returned to his home where vast numbers of his family and extended family died, the team stepped in to help him process the event as the severe emotional toll of this disaster finally surfaced. 

Utilizing basic trauma counseling training to engage with traumatized and grieving civilians and refugee families throughout the mission.  


SOAR Team engages Syrian refugee families to assess needs. Aerial Recovery SOAR spoke with multiple refugee families in the Hatay/Antakya area to assess on-ground needs and locate areas where these displaced families are seeking shelter. The team will attempt to provide additional aid in the next two days to both this at-risk community and the greater Turkish resident population as well.

SOAR Team engages Syrian refugee families to assess needs and aid distribution. 


NEXT 24 (Planned Operations): 

The team will continue work in Hatay/Antakya tomorrow in cooperation with a BRINC drone team to search for signs of life. The BRINC team is bringing advanced drone systems able to operate in subterranean and collapsed structural voids. Additionally the team will partner with the Global Empowerment Mission to bring aid to the devastated areas surrounding Hatay.


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