The Aftermath of Hurricanes Eta & Iota

The level of devastation the Aerial Recovery Group’s Volunteer Corps are seeing in Honduras is heart wrenching. The country is experiencing unprecedented and dangerous flooding, with whole communities knee deep in water. Homes have been completely wiped out, people are living under tarps, and villages are under water. A large population of farmers have lost all of their land, except for the few livestock who were able to escape the flooding. 

San Pedro Sula - the country’s economic center and home to 2 million people - has been the hardest hit area in the nation. About 2,235,000 people were impacted by these record setting storms. Flooding and winds damaged roads, bridges, communication infrastructure, and are creating dangerous mudslides. While en route to San Pedro Sula, the Aerial Volunteer Corps witnessed many families living on the side of the road in homemade tents because their homes had been washed away. The devastation from Hurricanes Eta and Iota has left thousands in need of clean water, food, medicine and other necessities.

"I’m so proud that our volunteers have been able to be so effective. From the second they were boots on the ground they have been helping with emergency aid and handing out Watts of Love solar lights to the most vulnerable. The lights we’re providing are so critical to the many families without electricity, providing some amount of comfort for them on this long road to recovery. The team is truly giving hope to the people of San Pedro Sula and our volunteers have been blown away by the positive spirit and resiliency of people who have lost so much,” said Britnie Turner, Founder of Aerial Recovery Group. 

The Aerial Produced team is capturing daily live footage. See behind the scenes footage of the disaster, the people and how to help at 

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100% of the funds donated for these Volunteer missions go directly to the needs of the people affected. The Aerial Volunteer Corps hand delivers emergency aid to areas badly affected. If you feel led to donate, know all your funds will be used to help people that have lost EVERYTHING.


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