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pakistan sitrep Sep 13, 2022


PAKISTAN - 09/12/2022 SITREP (LAST 24 HRS)



12 September 2022 LAST 24



The Aerial Recovery Special Operations Advanced Reconnaissance(SOAR) Team and our partners, the Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), continue to combine efforts to not just identify, but find solutions to problems associated with the flooding in Pakistan. The teams are focused on the hardest to reach areas where families are isolated or haven chosen to stay cut off due to the need to tend to livestock (water buffalo, cow, donkey and camels), as they are most of the rural people’s livelihoods. The teams continue to conduct medical assessments and deliver GEM aid to a large portion of the province. Additional support in the way of other NGO’s on ground, awareness, supplies and donations are greatly needed to help the hundreds of thousands in Pakistan who are in desperate need. 


The day's operations were conducted split team with Team Alpha (Jeremy, Seth) and Team Bravo (Marco, Emily) with the highlights being a Key Leader Engagement, Food Distribution, and Reconnaissance for future aid distributions.

09:30 PKT - Initial Movement: Team Bravo initiates movement to key leader engagement (KLE) in village. 

11:00 PKT - Initial Movement: Team Alpha initiates movement to conduct a route recon of highway heading to village. Expected driving time: 4 hours.

11:30 - 12:30 PKT - Key Leader Engagement and Recon: Team Bravo arrives at a private residence of KLE to discuss the situation in his region and how best to assist. Team then accompanies leader to find locations for distributions.

12:30 PKT - GEM Aid Distribution: Team Bravo conducts food distribution along the highway that  become a refugee center for the region's internally displaced persons (IDPs).


16:00 PKT: Team Bravo arrives back at the Mission Support Site (MSS).

16:00 PKT: Team Alpha aborts recon and codes road as RED (passable but not viable) for operations. The road is too difficult to navigate due to heavy traffic.

22:00 PKT: Team Alpha arrives back to Mission Support Site. All teams mission for the day.

NEXT 24: SOAR team and GEM will conduct food distributions to isolated villages. Team will link up with the US National news network so they can get coverage of the ground truth in Pakistan. Team will continue south  to prepare for flights to Dubai following day.


Seth Griffith, Director of Disaster Response

Email: [email protected]


Jeremy Locke, Chief Operating Officer

Email: [email protected]



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