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pakistan sitrep Sep 13, 2022


PAKISTAN - 09/11/2022 SITREP (LAST 24 HRS)



11 September 2022 LAST 24


The Aerial Recovery Special Operations Advanced Reconnaissance (SOAR) Team and our partners, the Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) continue to combine efforts to not just identify, but find solutions to problems associated with the flooding in Pakistan. The team continues to provide assistance by way of food and water distributions to remote and isolated communities cut off due to the high water. Additionally, combined efforts have been made to expand and vet our contacts in the country to allow for safe passage as well as answer questions presented by other NGOs not yet on the ground. The harsh reality is that without extensive outside support, the impact on the local population will only continue to get worse. Disease, famine and civil unrest expands each day due to the population not receiving enough help. The scope of the problem is massive and the existing resources and infrastructure are not sufficient enough to provide the support needed.


The days operations were conducted jointly with the highlights being a Key Leader Engagement and two planned distributions

09:00 PKT - Initial Movement: Team initiates movement to pick up contact en route to key leader engagement (KLE) located in a village.

11:50 PKT - Key Leader Engagement and distribution: The team arrives at a private school for a key leader engagement and conducts interviews with local news outlets. Of note, the team was honored with welcome gifts from the community leadership and headmaster of the school sheltering the internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Team conducts key leader engagement

12:30 PKT - GEM aid distribution: GEM conducts food distribution at a school being used for the shelter of IDPs. Enough rations were distributed for 1,000 people for 15 days. The team had coordinated for police and security to be present to keep order, as desperation for food has been leading to some violence. A proper funnel was organized to ensure smooth flow of persons in and out of receiving aid.

GEM distribution

15:00 PKT - Distribution to remote area: Team arrives at location in a village to meet with a contracted boat and deliver aid to isolated villages in the region, which has been isolated due to the flooding. When arriving, the coordinated boat was not on station, which caused a problem as a crowd began to form due to the aid we were carrying in vehicles. Local boats were procured instead and some aid was left for the locals to deescalate the situation.

22:00 PKT: Team arrives back to Mission Support Site (MSS). Conducts debrief and resupply for the following day.

NEXT 24: SOAR team and GEM will perform split team operations. Team A (Marco and Emily) will source GEM aid to be distributed in the next 24 hours and meet with local leaders to assess needs. Team B (Jeremy and Seth) will navigate by truck around the waters to the south to find alternate routes for aid delivery. On arrival, Team B will perform reconnaissance in order to find a location for the future link up with US National news media and coordinate boat transportation for waterborne GEM aid delivery and medical assessments.



Seth Griffith, Director of Disaster Response

Email: [email protected]


Jeremy Locke, Chief Operating Officer

Email: [email protected]




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