Pakistan Flood Relief Mission Day 2 | SITREP

pakistan sitrep Sep 12, 2022


PAKISTAN - 09/10/2022 SITREP (LAST 24 HRS)



10 September 2022 LAST 24


The Team’s efforts in the area continue to illuminate the vast damage to local communities and the expanding need for medical, sanitary, and basic water and sustenance aid. The larger humanitarian and governmental response continues to be hampered by continued flooding, limited information, and bureaucratic delays. The Aerial Recovery Special Operations Advanced Reconnaissance (SOAR) Team and our partners, the Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), are committed to finding and supporting solutions to provide stability and create hope as the Pakistani people continue to endure this crisis.

10:00 PKT - Initial Movement: Team A initiates movement for key leader engagement in the vicinity.

12:00 PKT - Key Leader Engagement: Team A conducts key leader engagement accomplishing all tasks needed to conduct the following day’s large distribution.

12:38 PKT - Civil Reconnaissance: Team B initiates movement for a planned reconnaissance of three hospitals. Team blocked from western entry into due to flood conditions.

16:27 PKT - Civil Reconnaissance: Team B conducts reconnaissance and needs assessment in new area. 

SOAR team conducts area reconnaissance

16:58 PKT - Local Engagement: Team B spoke with multiple residents from the villa while providing immediate medical assessments. The team noted the continued prevalence of waterborne illnesses and related infections. The team established a relationship with the local village leader and will maintain contact as needed to support greater situational awareness as the operation continues.

14:41 PKT- Relationship Building: Team A established a relationship with a local guide who will enable aid distribution at a nearby refugee camp and to a second village identified as being completely cut-off by water. These local relationships allow AR and GEM to provide aid in a precise, safe, and efficient manner to the areas most in need.

18:46 PKT: All members of Team Aerial and GEM all rejoined at the safehouse to debrief and begin planning the next 24 hours of the operation.

NEXT 24: SOAR team and GEM will safely distribute aid to a refugee camp for those displaced by the floods and then load a small boat with more aid and navigate the waters to a remote village to distribute aid and perform medical assessments and treatment.


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