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Previous Deployments Include Two Relief Trips to Hard-Hit Communities After Hurricane Laura

Relief Efforts Included Rebuilding Homes, Getting Critical Local Shelters Back Online, and Mobilizing a Distribution Center in Hard-Hit Areas of North Lake Charles, Cameron and Sulphur, LA; Partnership with Watts of Love Delivered Over 600 Solar Lights to Local Residents Without Power

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NASHVILLE, OCTOBER 22, 2020 — Aerial Recovery Group, a global emergency management firm, will be headed back down to Louisiana today to assist the state in their emergency response recovery efforts after Hurricane Delta. A group of volunteers will return to the hard-hit communities of Lake Charles, Cameron and the surrounding areas where they completed two previous relief trips after Hurricane Laura. Aerial Recovery Group aids in critical relief efforts for individuals and organizations in an effort to assist the state of Louisiana and its residents on their vital journey towards revitalization and redevelopment.

Last month, Aerial Recovery Group assisted in critical volunteer efforts including:

  • Debris removal and emergency cleanup at community centers to provide faster relief for residents, including the Big Brother Big Sister House of Southwest Louisiana, a Family & Youth Counseling Center in Lake Charles and the Oasis Women’s Shelter 

  • Assisted in emergency response efforts for more than 30 properties across Lake Charles, North Lake Charles, Cameron and Sulphur so residents could have shelter, including clearing debris, chopping trees, fixing home lots, and tarping roofs 

  • Liaised bringing in non-profit organization Watts of Love to deliver more than 600 solar lights to residents of North Lake Charles and Cameron

  • Worked with local app delivery service Gophr to set up a distribution center in their headquarters in downtown Lake Charles to provide critical supplies to local residents, including hot meals, water, hygiene products, diapers and bathroom supplies. 

  • Hand-delivered thousands of pounds of supplies to affected residents gathered from donations from volunteers across the country

“Aerial Recovery Group is in Louisiana to not only help communities heal after a devastation but to assist them in coming back STRONGER than they were before. Our #1 goal is to save lives and after that - livelihoods. We can do this by accelerating the recovery through strategic organization. So many people want to help and there is so much help needed; we aim to bridge that gap as well as create new opportunities for residents during the recovery process, resulting in even more sustainable and thriving economies,” said Britnie Turner, Founder & CEO of Aerial Recovery Group. “The people in Louisiana are the most resilient I have ever met and the communities affected by these devastating hurricanes are worth believing in, investing in and vacationing in. While more effort is needed to help them recover, I have no doubt these communities and the strong people who live here will thrive again soon.”

For more video coverage of Aerial Recovery Group’s efforts, please visit our YouTube page at

Visit to help the residents and communities affected by Hurricane Laura, or to take Aerial’s complimentary volunteer training to join the Aerial Volunteer Corps for future relief trips here.

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