Hurricane Ida SITREP | 8/30/21-8/31/21

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Louisiana Hurricane Ida- DAILY SITREP 08/30-08/31/2021

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30 August 2021 LAST 48


The joint Aerial Recovery Group (Team Aerial) and Global Empowerment Mission Team (Team GEM) touched down in South Eastern Louisiana (SELA) within 24 hours of Hurricane Ida making landfall. Team Aerial and Team GEM are on the ground to provide immediate relief to thousands affected by the Category 4 Hurricane.  Team Aerial led by Britnie Turner (CEO-Aerial Group) and Team GEM led by Michael Capponi (President-Global Empowerment Mission) have deployed with medical, recon and Search and Rescue capabilities as well as 26 pallets of immediate aid to be distributed in the next 24 hours. 

1600 CST: Team GEM touches down in Houston and begins ground movement to the affected area.

2030 CST: Team Aerial begins ground movement from domestic headquarters in Nashville, TN. en route to link up point with Team GEM.

31 August 2021 

 LAST 24

08:00 CST: Team Aerial conducted link up and coordination with Michael Capponi to develop the recon plan and the distribution plan to critical supplies to the most hard hit to regions.

08:30 CST: Departed Baton Rouge for movement to Living Word Church in Schriever, Louisiana to meet up with the local distribution partner. 

10:30 CST: All teams arrive at Living Word Church. Team GEM coordinated for the immediate distribution of its truck already en route to the hardest to hit areas as well as confirmed the viability of the Church as an effective partner to distribute over $1,000,000 of aid coming in the very near future.  Team Aerial met with local experts to get an update on the area hardest hit and in the most need of possible medical care or evacuation.  It was decided that both teams would push to the area along the coast where the hurricane made landfall. 

12:00 CST: All teams depart church enroute Grand Isle, Port Fourchon area.

13:05 CST: Assisted motorist caught in flood water.

16:32 CST: Assisted motorist with flat tires near landfall location.

17:00 CST: Arrived at Grand Isle, LA.  Conducted recon and took aerial photos and video of the damage to key infrastructure and homes.

18:45 CST: Departed Grand Isle enroute to Larose and Houma for recon and possible SAR.

18:15 CST: Arrived Larose and conducted Aerial Recon and searched for potential future assistance follow-on teams may be able to render. 

18:45 CST: Departed Larose enroute to Houma for further recon.

18:52 CST: Helped out another stranded motorist and gave supplies.  The motorist told of remote places farther west that might need assistance via Air Boat.  Worked that information into the next day’s operations.

19:45 CST: Conducted recon of Houma.

20:00 CST: Departed Houma enroute to Living Word Church and rendezvous with fuel resupply.

21:00 CST: All teams depart Church enroute to fuel point and then onto bed down location.

23:30 CST: All teams, personnel and equipment arrive back at bed down location.  Mission complete for the day.     

Jeremy’s Comments: “The news coverage of this Hurricane and its effects have been lacking to say the least.  As we moved to the areas nearest the coast in the path of the storm there was complete devastation in certain areas.  This area will be feeling the after effects of this storm for years to come.  The need is great as many have lost everything.  We’re very fortunate to have partners such as Global Empowerment Mission to ensure the right aid is getting here at the right time to the right people.  Please keep SELA in your prayers.”  


Aerial Recovery Group

Team Aerial will split into two teams to be most effective.  Team Aerial will continue to search the hardest to reach areas and in partnership with Global Empowerment Mission, will ensure these areas receive the help they need.   

Next steps/Action Items

  • Coordinate with Aerial Volunteers for follow on mission
  • Assist with Medical evacuations and supply requests
  • Provide answers to any Information requests from partner organizations   

Current Needs

  • Clean water, tarps, and dry food
  • Exposure to garner more support


Team GEM will begin distribution of immediate aid first thing in the morning.  Continued coordinations for large distributions will be finalized.

Next steps/Action Items

  • Ensure aid is distributed effectively and the correct mechanisms are in place for the flow of additional GEM aid coming in.  
  • Prepare for the distribution of 26 pallets of relief in the next 24 hours.



Throughout the reporting period, ARG has coordinated with partner organizations to prepare for next steps in the Louisiana response.  

    • ARG provided air travel coordinations to follow on personnel. For further inquiries, please contact Seth Griffith, ARG Director of Disaster Response (contact info in email body).


  • ARG is coordinating follow on teams to arrive NLT thursday


  • Global Empowerment Mission.  ARG is working with GEM to ensure swift, safe and smooth delivery of GEM AID.


Seth Griffith

Director of Disaster Response

Aerial Recovery Group

Email: [email protected]


Jeremy Locke (In Haiti)

Chief Operating Officer

Aerial Recovery Group

Mobile/Whatsapp: +1 (615) 638-6823

Email: [email protected]


Britnie Turner

Chief Executive Officer

Aerial Recovery Group

Email: [email protected]





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