Honduras After the Storm: Cepudo Foundation Rescue Training

Aerial Recovery Group believes that by improving living standards and creating better infrastructure and response systems in regions affected by natural disasters, you can help break the cycle of poverty and help nations recover even stronger than before. To allow for maximum preparedness, our team of highly trained experts and former military special forces provides the necessary training, resiliency planning and global best practices for local disaster management teams so they have a template for recovery, rebuilding and revitalization - a true game changer for these affected nations.

One of the main goals for this second mission was to provide swift water training to first responders in Honduras to better prepare them for rescue operations during disasters with massive amounts of flooding like after Hurricanes Eta & Iota. The team conducted training with members of the Cepudo Foundation on the Chamelecon River. This river caused major damage after the November hurricanes, with swells damaging 20 levy’s that flooded the village of La Lima and other low lying communities with more than 10 feet of water, causing catastrophic damage and destruction. Cepudo will be the local rescue team if another hurricane hits the San Pedro Sula area again, so it was important to provide them with the proper training, tools, resources and master plans so this region can be better prepared for next hurricane season. 

Jake Allen, a project manager for Aerial Recovery Group and primary rescue instructor reflects on this mission’s important training:

“The Cepudo rescue team continues to show the drive and determination needed to be successful.  I watched their confidence grow and it all started to really come together for them on the water.  As a trainer, there’s nothing more satisfying when you see your students learning and being able to execute to levels beyond your expectations.  They will make an excellent swift water rescue team and I’m proud to say that I trained them.”

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