Haiti Mission Day 8 | August 23, 2021

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23 August 2021 LAST 24 


The Aerial Recovery Group Team (Aerial) conducted medical transports to patients who were identified in the harder to reach areas of Port Louis de Sud and surrounding communities. Medical supplies were restocked and information gathered during the clearance of the mountains in the circles below was distributed to Mission of Hope for the coordination of aid to be airlifted in. Aerial also conducted a link up with four additional team members to increase the search ability. Two areas of interest were identified for the next 48-72 hours worth of missions. 

Circles depict the areas cleared in previous operations

Circles indicate areas to be searched in the next 72 hours 

08:00 EDT: Aerial Departed to Saint-Louis-de-SuD to link up with the three patients from the last reporting period to provide transport to them to higher care at the Samaritan’s Purse medical facility in Les Cayes. After assessing additional patients at the clinic, a total of 5 were transported to Les Cayes (4 orthopedic patients and 1 burn victim). 


Aerial prepares patients for transport to field hospital 

11:00 EDT: Aerial purchases medical and needed supplies for the next 72 hours worth of missions.

Team Leader comments: The past 72 hours of searching has exhausted our supplies. Mission of Hope and the Jack Brewer Foundation have kept our team pretty well stocked, but additional supplies were needed for the next 2 areas planned for searching. 

18:00 EDT: Aerial linked up with 4 additional team members and began mission planning. 

NEXT 24 

Team Aerial will conduct ground transport of patients identified during this reporting period to the American University of the Caribbean to be seen at the Samaritan’s purse site. Following this event planning and sync with additional Aerial Pax arriving as well as refit are needed to ensure mission success in the following days. 

Next Steps/Action Items 

  •  Organize for possible split team operations 
  •  Assist with Medical evacuations and supply requests 
  •  Provide answers to any Information requests from partner organizations Current Needs 
  •  Medical doctors and trauma nurses 
  •  Medicine, especially narcotics such as Ketamine for patient care Clean water, tarps, and dry food 
  •  Search teams 
  •  Ambulances 
  •  Litters and back boards 



Jack Brewer complete a 36 hour resupply turn around trip to Florida and is now back boots on the ground in Les Cayes. 



Throughout the reporting period, ARG has coordinated with partner organizations to prepare for next steps in the Haiti response. 

  •  ARG provided air travel coordinations for airdrop 
  •  ARG completed follow on team arrival 
  •  Jack Brewer Foundation has been coordinating helicopter medical supply drops into affected areas; A severe medical supply issue has been identified in Les Cayes. 
  •  Global Empowerment Mission. ARG is working with GEM to ensure swift, safe and smooth delivery of GEM AID. 


  •  Mission of Hope has been coordinating medical transport and assessments since the earthquake. Austin Holmes is on the ground conducting coordinations and providing support and key information to organizations as they land in Les Cayes. 


Seth Griffith 

Director of Disaster Response 

Aerial Recovery Group 

Email: [email protected] 


Jeremy Locke (In Haiti) 

Chief Operating Officer 

Aerial Recovery Group 

Mobile/Whatsapp: +1 (615) 638-6823 

Email: [email protected] 


Britnie Turner 

Chief Executive Officer 

Aerial Recovery Group 

Email: [email protected] 




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