Haiti Mission Day 7 | August 22, 2021

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22 August 2021 LAST 24 


The Aerial Recovery Group Team (Aerial) continues to focus its efforts to provide medical evaluations to those in the hardest to reach areas. Aerial concentrated on the Cherette and Semaille areas north of Saint-Louis-de-Sud during this reporting period. Aerial’s Haiti on-the-ground response is led by retired Green Beret Jeremy Locke who is working with small village guides to get to the most remote areas in search of those too injured to travel through the difficult terrain and coordinate Air Medevac to get them to hospital. ***Please reach out to him if you know of such places. 

Circles depict the areas searched by Aerial Dismounted team

08:00 EDT: Aerial Departed to Saint-Louis-de-SuD to link up with pre-organized guides to start dismounted search in the Cherette area. (Same mission set as last reporting period.) After link-up was made the team pushed to the vehicle drop off area and headed into the mountains with the primary mission to locate critically injured for air MedEvac. Additionally, Aerial along with Mission of Hope representative Frankie conducted surveys of the remote villages to find and map out HLZs, bundle drop sites and routes in order to get follow-on aid into these places. 


Aerial conducts final intel gathering recruits latest Aerial Team Member Stan “Mule” Muler 

11:00 EDT: Aerial arrives at first village for Key leader engagement with village Mayor of Caconette (18QXF 58434 24914). Mayor Blan Inonia informed of injured persons as well as stats needed to conduct relief drops. 

Team Leader comments: In the village of Caconette which is about a 2 hour hike from where vehicles can travel the Aerial Team met a woman who stated that she has never seen an American in that area in the 67 years that she has lived there. This shows that while there is widespread support from the outside world to the country of Haiti, the remote areas are not being accessed. Aerial will focus on these areas for the remainder of their deployment.


Key Leader Engagement and patient treatment in Caconette 

14:00 EDT: Aerial hiked down into a deep valley that was very unstable due to multiple large mudslides causing loose soil and  pathways. The team discovered that just the night before someone had succumbed to their injuries from the Earthquake 8 days earlier. 


Hiking into the valley 

16:00 EDT: Aerial arrives near the village of Kalouis (18QXF 59894 25974), treats 1x head injury and witnesses the funeral of the victim who passed away the night before.


Medical Treatment and Funeral Procession 

19:00 EDT: Aerial encountered 2x burn victims who were treated and instructed to meet the Aerial and Mission Hope team the next day for transport to higher treatment. 


Medical Treatment and follow up instructions being given to affected individuals 

22:10 EDT: All teams Return to Base. 

Jeremy’s Comments: 

Overall today was a success for the Aerial Recovery Group and partner organization teams. I believe that my team is best served operating in the most remote areas conducting medical evacuations and coordinations and on the ground information to amazing organizations such as Global Empowerment

Mission, Mission of Hope and the Jack Brewer Foundation. Aerial will continue to press on and get the severely injured to higher care by any and all means possible. 

NEXT 24 

Team Aerial will conduct ground transport of patients identified during this reporting period to the American University of the Caribbean to be seen at the Samaritan’s purse site. Following this event planning and sync with additional Aerial Pax arriving as well as refit are needed to ensure mission success in the following days. 

Next Steps/Action Items 

  •  Organize follow on Search Teams 
  •  Assist with Medical evacuations and supply requests 
  •  Provide answers to any Information requests from partner organizations Current Needs 
  •  Medical doctors and trauma nurses 
  •  Medicine, especially narcotics such as Ketamine for patient care ‚óŹ Clean water, tarps, and dry food 
  •  Search teams 
  •  Ambulances 
  •  Litters and back boards 



Jack Brewer Foundation- Field Report_Haiti_08-22-2021-2.pdf 



Throughout the reporting period, ARG has coordinated with partner organizations to prepare for next steps in the Haiti response.

  •  ARG provided air travel coordinations to follow on personnel. For further inquiries, please contact Seth Griffith, ARG Director of Disaster Response (contact info in email body). 
  •  ARG is coordinating follow on teams to arrive NLT Tuesday with help from Mission of Hope 
  •  Jack Brewer Foundation has been coordinating helicopter medical supply drops into affected areas; A severe medical supply issue has been identified in Les Cayes. 
  •  Global Empowerment Mission. ARG is working with GEM to ensure swift, safe and smooth delivery of GEM AID. 


  •  Mission of Hope has been coordinating medical transport and assessments since the earthquake. Austin Holmes is on the ground conducting coordinations and providing support and key information to organizations as they land in Les Cayes. 


Seth Griffith 

Director of Disaster Response 

Aerial Recovery Group 

Email: [email protected] 


Jeremy Locke (In Haiti) 

Chief Operating Officer 

Aerial Recovery Group 

Mobile/Whatsapp: +1 (615) 638-6823 

Email: [email protected] 


Britnie Turner 

Chief Executive Officer 

Aerial Recovery Group 

Email: [email protected] 




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