Haiti Mission Day 3 | August 18, 2021

haiti sitrep Aug 19, 2021




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18 August 2021 LAST 24 


The joint Aerial Recovery Group (Team Aerial) and Jack Brewer Foundation (JBF) team continued medical evacuation and resupply missions working with Mission of Hope in and around Les Cayes, Haiti. Team Aerial has visited multiple collapsed buildings finding that heavy equipment is needed in most situations. Team Aerial has not found any signs of life, but has identified areas of interest (probable cadaver recovery sites) through witness statements and signs of death which will be passed to follow-on teams with cadaver dog capabilities. As of this reporting period, Team Aerial shifted from SAR as a primary mission to Casevac operations as a primary with the SAR capability on hand for hasty missions. 

Probable Cadaver Recovery Sites:


09:00 EDT: Team Aerial moved to the town of Marceline after gaining intel that there may be victims trapped in a collapsed building. Upon arrival it was determined that there were no signs of life and heavy equipment would be needed to be able to conduct a proper search. After speaking to the locals the team was directed to a hasty field clinic setup in an area near a collapsed school. The team then moved to this field clinic to see if they needed any assistance. 


Widespread Devastation Collapsed Vudu Center in Marceline 

11:00 EDT: Team arrived at the field hospital and spoke to three doctors from the Port-au-Prince area who had set up the clinic (1 tent). They are severely under supplied and have critical patients in their care with little to no actual medical capabilities on hand. The decision was made to start Casevac operations to move the injured to Ofatma Hospital. Team Aerial conducted three Casevac runs during the day from this location, successfully moving 10 patients to Ofatma. The team was able to provide medical supplies to the clinic and survey a Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ Tamara) to provide to the USCG for Air Medevac options. Lastly, the team was able to help distribute food for 200 people provided by Mission of Hope at this same location.


Marceline Field Clinic Food Distro Prep 

Field Hospital POC: Doctor Pierre +509 3789 4847 (limited cell reception at clinic) 

1600 EDT (Port-au-Prince): Aerial CEO met with the Secretary of Planning and External Cooperation- Dieuseul Simon Desras and Chief of Staff Romeo Latry to discuss how best to avoid donated equipment and supplies from being held up at customs upon arrival into the country. The hope is to streamline the process as reports have shown that supplies are being seized upon arrival disrupting immediate distribution which is much needed at this juncture. 

AERIAL CEO Meets with Government officials 

NEXT 24 

Team Aerial will link with partner Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) to help them in their efforts to distribute food and supplies to 8,000-10,000 people in the next 48 hours.

Team Aerial will continue to assist Mission of Hope and their efforts in finding critical patients needed for medical evacuations, gather key information and assist with Search and Rescue Operations as needed. 

Next Steps/Action Items 

  • Conduct link up with GEM 
  • Assist with Medical evacuations and supply requests 
  • Provide answers to any Information requests from partner organizations Current Needs 

Medical Needs in General 

Medical Professionals- (trauma nurses, orthopedic surgeons) 

Medicine- Focus on stronger narcotics such as Ketamine. Patients are in extreme pain with little to no drugs available to manage. 

Requests from the Marcline Field Clinic- approximately 5 staff and 100 people 

Solar power, Tents, Antiseptic, Vitamin C, Pain Meds, Sterile gloves, syringe 5cc and 10cc, ace bandage, toilet paper, method of transport (litter), food, drinking water, mask, pen and paper, vitamins, betadine or hydrogen peroxide, suture kit, thermometer, glucometer, thermometer, blood pressure cuff. 



14:00 EDT: Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) has prepared the aid for distribution and pushed it out in trucks for distribution in the next reporting period. 

Next Steps/Action Items 

  • Conduct infil into Les Cayes and link up with Team Aerial ‚óŹ Ensure aid is distributed effectively and the correct mechanisms are in place for the flow of additional GEM aid coming in. Another two truck loads of food are expected to be purchased in the next 4 days.



Jack Brewer Foundation- Field Report_Haiti_08-18-2021.pdf 



Throughout the reporting period, ARG has coordinated with partner organizations to prepare for next steps in the Haiti response. 

  • ARG provided air travel coordinations to follow on personnel. For further inquiries, please contact Seth Griffith, ARG Director of Disaster Response (contact info in email body). 
  • Jack Brewer Foundation has been coordinating helicopter medical supply drops into affected areas; A severe medical supply issue has been identified in Les Cayes. 
  • Global Empowerment Mission. ARG is working with GEM to ensure swift, safe and smooth delivery of GEM AID. 


  • Mission of Hope has been coordinating medical transport and assessments since the earthquake. Austin Holmes in on the ground conducting coordinations and provide support and key information to organizations as they land in Les Cayes 


Seth Griffith 

Director of Disaster Response 

Aerial Recovery Group 

Email: [email protected] 

Jeremy Locke (In Haiti) 

Chief Operating Officer 

Aerial Recovery Group 

Mobile/Whatsapp: +1 (615) 638-6823 

Email: [email protected]

Britnie Turner (In Haiti)

Chief Executive Officer

Aerial Recovery Group

Email: [email protected] 



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