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17 August 2021 LAST 24 


The joint Aerial Recovery Group (Team Aerial) and Jack Brewer Foundation team continued medical evacuation and resupply missions working with Mission of Hope in and around Les Cayes, Haiti. SAR combined with medical casevac/medevac and other medical missions are of the highest priority within the region. Every hospital in the area has either received structural damage, is under-staffed, overwhelmed with patients, has intermittent to no electricity, under equipped or a combination of all of these factors. It was determined to best facilitate the day’s mission Team Aerial would move into split team operations (Team A,Team B). Team A to assist with patient evacuation and coordinations and Team B to focus on resupply, casevac and shelter construction. 


Ofatma Hospital overrun with patients

07:00 EDT: Team A moved to assist in the Air Medevac of three critical patients from the Ofatma Hospital to more effective care facilities in the Port-au-Prince. These proved to be the first three of 18 patients transported via US Coast Guard UH60 to higher care in Port-au-prince


Aerial Group and Jack Brewer Foundation Presidents Britnie Turner and Jack Brewer help facilitate AirEvacs from Ofatma Hospital 

09:00 EDT: Team B moved to Ofatma Hospital and erected 3x large tents and 6x four person tents. Team B then identified 7 critical patients located in Bonne Fin Hospital about 60 mins away from Ofatma. Through on the ground contacts one ambulance was secured and Team B moved to Boone Fin to transport three of the seven patients to Ofatma Hospital for next day Evac. Additionally Team B was able to erect an additional 4 tents at the Bonne Fin Hospital. Of note a large area of deeply cracking earth was discovered near the Bonne Fin Hospital. There is a significant risk of this becoming a landslide and affecting 5 homes below. The locals were warned and plans are being made to tape off the affected area. 


Tents erected to house patients and CASEVAC operations shown above

NEXT 24 

Team Aerial will continue to assist Mission of Hope and their efforts in finding critical patients needed for medical evacuations, gather key information and assist with Search and Rescue Operations as needed. Additionally, Team Aerial will position to help receive much needed Aid facilitated by Global Empowerment Mission. 

Next Steps/Action Items 

  • Conduct local area reconnaissance of roadways and provide updates of any additional damage from heavy storm rainfall 
  • Assist with Medical evacuations and supply requests 
  • Provide answers to any Information requests from partner organizations Current Needs by Type 

Medical Supplies 

Haiti One Medical Facility Needs Assessment as of 16 Aug 2021



14:00 EDT: Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) arrived on the ground in Port-au-prince (POP) to oversee the work of their partners and to purchase enough food to feed an estimated 8,000- 10,000 people in the Les Cayes area. These 2 truck loads of food are being loaded at the time of this report and are scheduled to depart POP in the next 24 and arrive early 19 Aug 2021. 

Next Steps/Action Items 

  • Conduct infil into Les Cayes and link up with Team Aerial Ensure aid is distributed effectively and the correct mechanisms are in place for the flow of additional GEM aid coming in. Another two truck loads of food are expected to be purchased in the next 5 days. 



Throughout the reporting period, ARG has coordinated with partner organizations to prepare for next steps in the Haiti response. 

  • ARG provided air travel coordinations to follow on personnel. For further inquiries, please contact Seth Griffith, ARG Director of Disaster Response (contact info in email body). 
  • Jack Brewer Foundation has been coordinating helicopter medical supply drops into affected areas; A severe medical supply issue has been identified in Les Cayes. 
  • Global Empowerment Mission. ARG is working with GEM to ensure swift, safe and smooth delivery of GEM AID. 


  • Mission of Hope has been coordinating medical transport and assessments since the earthquake. Austin Holmes in on the ground conducting coordinations and provide support and key information to organizations as they land in Les Cayes


Seth Griffith 

Director of Disaster Response Aerial Recovery Group 

Email: [email protected]

Jeremy Locke (In Haiti) 

Chief Operating Officer 

Aerial Recovery Group 

Mobile: +1 (615) 638-6823 

Email: [email protected]


Britnie Turner (In Haiti) 

Chief Executive Officer 

Aerial Recovery Group 

Email: [email protected] 



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